Good economic news for Shreveport and the state

Kudos to the RACER Trust on getting some quick action on the former General Motors Shreveport assembly plant. It is really excellent economic news for the city and the state … and a perfectly positive way to begin 2013.

And I sincerely hope the Elios brand becomes a little more commonplace for their sake, but right now, just call me skeptical.

First, I’m wondering if there is a market for these vehicles. I suppose, I’ll believe it when I see the three-wheelers from Elio Motors running the highways and streets of our city and others.

The pluses: great gas mileage, TWO seats, air conditioning, a $6,800 price tag!

The minuses: TWO seats, THREE wheels, an unconventional look

I think that people might buy these for zipping around town … possibly. I can see where I’d rather have my daughter in one of these instead of roaming these city streets on a scooter. (At least the Elio will have air bags.) But I’m wondering how it will be received by the general public who seem to LOVE their big urban tanks (aka SUVs).

If gasoline prices continue their climb, though, you might start seeing these turn up in driveways. I’d consider probably buying one … it could be our family’s third wheel, so to speak.

Read about it at

Designer confirms Elio Motors buying ex-GM plant

Elio Motors


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